Top Headlines (week of 6/23/11)

  • Joe Biden Loses $150,000 In ‘Jackass’ Death Pool
  • Study Says 3-D Responsible for Eye AIDS, Narrative Ineptness
  • Meteorologists: Mother Nature On The Rag
  • WI Governor Scott Walker Proposes Ban On Puppy Breath
  • MLB Resells ‘Take Me Out To the Ballgame’ Naming Rights; New Lyric: ‘Buy Me Some Rayovac Batteries and Allstate Insurance/I Don’t Care If Havoc Ever Attacks’
  • Obama Calls War Powers Act ‘Way Uptight,’ Claims It ‘Used To Be Cool’
  • Gay Commitment Ceremony Turns Small Town Into Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland, As Feared
  • Palin Graphically Masturbates On-Camera, Blasts Lamestream Media For Calling It Porn
  • WNBA Still a Thing

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