Rawdog To Patronize Tavern, Says Mudbutt

Mayors Income, TN – Local man Brian “Mudbutt” Townsend encouraged Jim Garibaldi, AKA “Jeezum” to come to McGinley’s Pub Thursday night, because “all the nigs are gonna be there.”

“I guess The Dom is back in town for the weekend,” Mudbutt said, “so me and Squirrelly and Rawdog are gonna meet him at the Gimp and rip it up.”  He also noted that “Sugartits said Boogaloo might even show.”  At this point, Jeezum required clarification of the identity of “Sugartits.”  Mudbutt explained that that’s just something he calls Lunchbox sometimes.

“Oh, Lunchbox,” said Jeezum.  “Got it.”

Mudbutt further noted that although Stately had to work late, it was possible that Styles Malone, Poop, and The Eurasian Sensation would be in attendance.  But he quickly added that, “Poop will only go if Ms. Fussybritches is bartending.  Neech kicked him out last weekend, so he might be banned on Neech nights.”

Not expected to appear were Queernuts, who was out of town at a concert, and Beef, who’s totally bitchmade.


One thought on “Rawdog To Patronize Tavern, Says Mudbutt

  1. In other news, the rapper formerly know as Baby Raper was shot in the face 46 times over an argument about which malt liquor was quote; “better for the soul…” Colt 45 or Olde English 800.

    At this time he is in critical condition, but is expected to pull through.

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