Op-Ed: Nobody Called You Milquetoast, Professor Griff

Editorial by Alison Smutney 
Alison Smutney, Hipstress

Public Enemy was one of the most influential musical groups of all time.  And PE’s uncompromising message of Black Consciousness and rebellion was never more incisive and hard-hitting than on their seminal 1988 album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.  But Professor Griff, your brief contribution to the track “Louder Than a Bomb” almost ruined it for me.

“CIA, see I ain’t kiddin’,” spat Chuck D with righteous anger.  “Both King and X, they got rid of both.  A story untold; true but unknown.  Professor Griff knows…”  At this point, Professor Griff, you chose to interject, “Yo, I ain’t milquetoast!”  That makes no goddamn sense in that context, man.

The term “milquetoast” is derived from Caspar Milquetoast, the hapless protagonist of H.T. Webster’s The Timid Soul comics, which ran from 1924-1952.  It refers to an exceptionally weak and submissive individual, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the assassination of key civil rights figures by the American government. 

Chuck D was just asking you to back him up on his assertion that the CIA covertly murdered black leaders; he wasn’t calling you a pussy.  Frankly, your response seemed oddly defensive.  What’s your deal, anyway?

When Media Assassin Harry Allen was asked by Flavor Flav, “Yo, Harry, you’re a writer.  Are we that type?”  Harry didn’t blurt out, “I would have never touched her if I knew she was only 14!”  No, he answered, “Don’t believe the hype,” like a normal person.  

Get your shit together, Griff.  You Jew-hating lunatic.


5 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Nobody Called You Milquetoast, Professor Griff

  1. Griff’s intention was that speaking not only for himself, but any civil rights leader, “I am not weak; not your doormat; etc.” in direct response to the CIA and oppressive white majority.

    It’s not rocket science, girl. I think your reading too much into this and would not understand…unless you lived through it.

    But that’s not so hard to grasp even when some silly white bitch from suburbia tries to overanalyze/review something she has absolutely no muthafucking clue about, and spreads misconceptions and gossipy lies. Go cut yourself or watch another episode of Hannah Montana and let the real OGs pontificate.


    Fuckin HIPSTER WHORE!!! Mind ya business! You have NO CLUE YOU MILQUETOAST CUNT. You SHOULD GO CUT YOUR SELF, cause you ARE weak and soggy like “MILKED TOAST”. You UGLY SKANK, you look like you should be on some amateur port couch. You would sound better with a DICK IN YOUR MOUTH in contrast to the SHIT THAT COMES OUT OF IT! Do porn, SMUTNEY is the PERFECT name for you. Get a REAL JOB!!! YOU USELESS, SILVERSPOON CUM BUCKET.

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