Local Man Remembers ‘Darkwing Duck’

Danbury, CT – While drinking heavily Thursday night, area man Rick Blevins fondly recalled the Disney animated series Darkwing Duck, insisting with uncalled-for vehemence that “that shit was the shit.”

Blevins became personally offended when several of his fellow bar patrons admitted ignorance of the mid-90’s after-school cartoon show. “How the fuck do you fuckers not remember that shit?!!” he demanded, before the bartender advised him to sit his ass back down and quit shouting at people unless he wanted his head caved in.

“I don’t think they could’ve made The Dark Knight if there wasn’t that show! It was awesome!” Blevins insisted.

One guy actually knew what Blevins was talking about, but totally stumped him with the question of whether Scrooge had fired Launchpad before he became Darkwing’s sidekick, or what.


9 thoughts on “Local Man Remembers ‘Darkwing Duck’

  1. Thunderquack was the shit. If America had a plane like that in their arsenal it would have ended the War on Terror in 8 hours – as opposed to 8 YEARS. Imagine the money the country could have saved..for more corporate bail-outs and infrastructure/health care reform, naturally. Also, Negaduck bears uncanny personality traits comparable to Osama Bin Laden…and Blevins is a babbling idiot.

      1. Megavolt wasn’t very smart, and he teamed up with Darkwing more times that was necessary. But he was still kind of a cool character with a great power. Just a really iconic Darkwing nerd villain with a penchant for electric chairs…my kinda guy.

        Of all the Darkwing villains, Quackerjack is King. Great design and voice – just a complete lunatic…any character with a puppet is creepy.

        Incidentally, I believe Dan Castellaneta did the voice for both Megavolt and Krusty, incl other Simpsons characters…so there ya have it.

          1. It’s okay, not all of us can be a jerkoff, a smartass, and a genius all at the same time. 90% of the population can barely chew gum and walk at the same time, the poor saps. It should be a well known fact by now that I am quite stellar. Matter of fact, I just declared myself God.

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