Unaired “Mindfreaks”

Criss Angel is the rare modern-day illusionist who actually performs magic tricks, rather than gimmick-assisted comedy, or sitting in a hamster cage playing Boggle for a month or whatever the fuck David Blaine does.  Angel’s A&E series, Criss Angel: Mindfreak, is devoted to exploring the limits of what the human mind, body, and spirit are capable of achieving when they’re not allowed to say “mindfuck” on basic cable, but really have no non-gay backup ideas for a title.  

The most recent batch of Mindfriggs, entitled The Five Lives of Criss Angel, was originally intended to be a full season of new episodes, but was repackaged as five “special events” when the majority of Angel’s new “demonstrations” proved to be way too fuckin’ real for the square honkey suits at A&E to dig on.  Fortunately, we here at Soviet Disco have managed to obtain screenshots from several of the unaired Mindfudges.  So yeah, that’s the premise. Enjoy:

“Kidney Pickpocket”
mindfreak kidney

“Spider Hole”
mindfreak saddam

“The Challenger”
mindfreak challenger

“Casual Friday”
mindfreak crucify

“The Spin-Off”
mindfreak renegade

“The Carradine Surprise”
mindfreak carradine

“The Secret Shopper”
mindfreak Hot-Topic


10 thoughts on “Unaired “Mindfreaks”

  1. Nurse Fiona

    He wouldn’t even have the courtesy to run you an ice bath after a kydney pickpocket…and he’s nailed Cameron Diaz? What evil genie did this guiy summon?

  2. “Mindfreak” is mildly amusing, and terrible. Good for a few laughs. Have you seen it? It’s got “acting” in it, and a production quality on par with The SyFy Channel. Criss Angel is Hollywood Douchebag spawn. Hollywood hookers perform better tricks, but that’s not saying much. In addition to his dressing like a model from the Hot Topic catalog, CA’s deep self love and constant chest pounding/finger kissing/pointing at the sky routine wears thin pretty quickly. May a masturbating primate ruin his next “trick” and/or provide viewers more lulz.

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