Experts: Shit is Fucked

A recent study financed by money from Christ-knows-where says all the shit in this goddamn country is irreparably fucked as balls.

According to some jerkoffs in some faggotty college somewhere, the whole world’s pretty much in the crapper long-term, and we’re basically all completely effed until Jesus comes back. The cunts went on to say that our political leaders are all cum-farting retards, the economy’s in cocked-up shambles, and everyone you fucking know is a bag of assholes.

To quote this one shyster prick: “While we understand that you’re getting shat on daily, if not hourly, our official position remains that you can all go screw. Bitches.”


3 thoughts on “Experts: Shit is Fucked

  1. Viriato

    I bought a bag of assholes recently but it was only half full. Apparently the contents may have “settled during packing.”

  2. Casey

    These are quite simply some of the best insult-combos I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading….

    You’re a master at your craft, Doc… and your craft is Bad-personing….

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