VH1 Greenlights “Palin of Love”

Following her surprise resignation from the Alaskan governorship, former G.O.P. Vice Presidential candidate and “Rock of Love 2” contestant Sarah Palin is set to star in her own VH1 reality series, tentatively titled “Palin of Love.”

Palin first came to prominence as one of 15 desperate skanks vying for the affection of Poison frontman Brett Michaels on “Rock of Love 2.”  Nicknamed “Feisty” by Michaels, Palin quickly became a fan favorite for her down-home folksiness and awesome rack.  Although Michaels eventually eliminated her for “winc[ing] a little when she sucked [Michaels’s] dick,” Palin’s stint on the show brought her to the attention of sesquicentenarian Presidential nominee John McCain.  McCain immediately made her his running mate, in a desperate bid to claim a portion of the all-important Youth Vote.

“Although ultimately unsuccessful, the V.P. run helped propel Feisty to a whole new level in terms of public exposure,” said MTV Networks president Doug Herzog.  “We think she’s got great potential to be a big star, maybe even the next ‘New York’.”

On “Palin of Love,” 15 insecure, syphilitic alpha-males will live together in a remote Alaskan cabin, where they will attempt to drink and head-butt their way into Palin’s heart.  While competing in a series of degrading challenges, they will gradually be eliminated, until only one remains.  The winner will then battle Palin’s husband Todd in a Snowmobile Death Race to determine who will ultimately Tap That.

According to early buzz, the breakout stars of the new show are likely to be “Nasteee,” a short-tempered aspiring rapper with an addiction to cough syrup, “Ballz,” a New Jersey bricklayer and thrice-acquitted rape defendant, and “Slick Willy,” a retired politician with a penchant for erotic cigar-play.


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