The Ugly Side of Romance

If you're at the point where you're seriously considering an anniversary diamond, it's time to just start cheating.

Improving your quality of life at the expense of Third-World slave labor since 1953.


8 thoughts on “The Ugly Side of Romance

  1. I'm Casey

    Would you mind if I sent this add to my woman?… I’ve already given away two diabolical diamond rings, and now this one wants one too…

    If she has a soul, she’ll see that the black-eye I gave her is far less vicious than a diamond ring….

  2. This is why I prefer to bling out with Canadian diamonds only. At least I know that the only people who die are the Ice Road Truckers on History Channel when I buy those ones.

  3. Deb aka St Colette

    I would never want another new diamond again. When people have to die…
    However, an antique diamond ring that has already been worn many years by someone is the way to go.

  4. Certainly, the best way to win over any woman’s heart is to shove a lump of coal up your ass, and wait until it turns into a diamond.

    Nothing spells love like T-I-G-H-T A-S-S…especially if it’s in prison.

  5. If you have to buy your wife or girlfriend a diamond in order to get laid, something is definitely wrong with that relationship. With that said, I’m going to go buy a blood diamond in order to persuade my wife to have intercourse with me (via the internets).

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