Weekly Tweets for 2009-06-10

My first Tweet! I resisted Twitter at first, but now that I’m doing it, it’s kind of exciting. I might even have to rub one out, LOL! #
Just rubbed one out. #
Surfing the net. Not too much interesting today. Whacked off to Asian porn and checked the Onion. #
Can’t sleep. Beat off twice, but still antsy. WTF? #
Checkin email before work (and crankin out some knuckle kids out, of course). #
Home gym infomercials are strangely erotic. Maybe it’s not so strange. Hot bodies, me drunk… it’s only natural that I masturbate. #
Damn, the chick at the check-cashing place has some sweet tits. I’m about to stroke my gear in honor of that fact. #
Went to a house party tonight. The sub-par blowjob I was getting got interrupted, so I had to go home and finish it off in a fistful of Dawn. #
Rented Gia for the fifteenth time. Yankety, yankety. I should probably just buy a copy, huh? #
Got caught spanking my wiener in the supermarket. Almost too embarrassing to Tweet about. #


19 thoughts on “Weekly Tweets for 2009-06-10

  1. We all know that you get drunk and whack the weasel. What we really want to know is this: have you ever cracked one off to the Land O’Lakes chick and if so, did you use Land O’Lakes as a lubricant? Or was that kinda personal?

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