Why aren’t the “sexy” “people” on TV better-looking?

Dear Five Jews Who Run Hollywood:

Look, I’m no matinee idol.  I do what I can with what I got.  Which often means boning fat chicks.  That’s cool; I love the fat chicks.  But when I flip on the telly, I think it’s my right as an American to be able to find something jerk-off-to-able in 30 seconds or less.

Hence my grievance: What’s the fucking deal with all the shows where they follow around these allegedly photogenic retards who aren’t even that attractive? [NOTE: I flatly refuse to use the term “reality show” here, even though I’m talking about “reality shows” that actually make a half-assed attempt to simulate “reality,” as opposed to “reality shows” that exist in an alternate universe where television never had a genre that was already called A FUCKING GAME SHOW.] These people are indisputably only on my TV screen because of their looks.  No one, anywhere, ever, is even pretending that these individuals have brains or talent, or have ever or will ever, ever accomplish anything of value.  So shouldn’t they be hotter?

Seriously, the bitches I work with are better-looking than most of these dead-eyed skanks.  And I live in fucking Wisconsin.  WTF, Hollywood?

-More disappointed than mad,

Doctor Handsome


10 thoughts on “Why aren’t the “sexy” “people” on TV better-looking?

  1. Scotty P.

    You know, I am sure girls like Jill Kelly and Silvia Saint aren’t doing much these days. Why doesn’t hollywood hire ex-porn actresses to do these game shows? If they have already sold their soul and it is SOLELY about ratings, I mean c’mon…

  2. I often wonder if these chicks are supposed to be hot, or if a fraternity douchebag would think that they are hot, or if they’re what teenagers would think of as “cool people”. There has to be a reasonable explanation for this

  3. Corp.Zombie

    I do not enjoy television for these same reasons. Only my reasons go on beyond simply external looks. I think these TV peoples are also horribly wretched inside. I know what they look like inside because I’ve seen ALL of the Terminators movies!! Their shininess is not as it seems!

  4. The thing is they have bones sticking out .
    That is the only thing American men care about .
    You must not be gay .
    Stick women are the only thing acceptable to the majority.Because they look like little boys from behind ,that is all that matters anyway.

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