Youngster Believes in Self, Fails

Gary, IN – Josh Williams never had any advantages. As the son of a schizophrenic father who knifed five people on the subway before literally trying to fuck the third rail, Josh had to grow up fast. After his father’s death, 12 year-old Josh became the de facto caregiver for his two severely handicapped younger [half-]sisters, as their mother descended into a pill-fueled hell of prostitution and insanity. But Josh had a dream.

Josh lied about his age to get jobs in a local sulfur mine and a taser testing facility to support the family. He was able to endure the hours of constant tasing, and the miner rape, because he was always focused on his dream.

When a meteorite crushed the family’s house, Josh was just thankful that the family was unhurt. And he still had his dream.

Even after his sisters were horrifyingly swallowed up by the earth itself right before his eyes in the first earthquake in Indiana history, Josh still believed in the dream.

Then he got real bad brain cancer. He didn’t linger very long, but it was painful.

His last words were reportedly, “Fuck… [coughing up a seriously gross amount of blood]… God…”

Although Josh died far too young, his beautiful dream of a Hot-Chick-Clothes-Disintegrating Raygun lives on.


9 thoughts on “Youngster Believes in Self, Fails

  1. Such a sad story. This makes me that much more grateful for my wonderful life. My dream has come true, as I got to pitch in the major leagues for several years.

    -Byun Hyung Kim

  2. or is it Byung Hyun? Either way, the loss of my twin brother Larry to in utero child abuse has had a terrible effect on my ability to spell my own name.

    -Byong Hong Dong

  3. Corp.Zombie

    In memory of Josh Williams, you may donate to a charity formed in his name that will further study the technological advancements needed for the creation of the Hot-Chick-Clothes-Disintegrating Raygun.

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