Rejected “Community Chest” Cards







11 thoughts on “Rejected “Community Chest” Cards

  1. Savior Self

    funny stuff, you get the gay one!

    Have you ever played the Mad Magazine board game? It has all these wacky rules and cards. You’d like it.

  2. I'm Casey

    “YOU ARE A BIG GAY”….. Of all the possible ways to make that statement, your choice is top of the heap, I say……

    The other cards are good too… but the “BIG GAY” one really stood out for me……

    PS- your Biden “nuke dealy” story had me considering following the news….. I’m over it, thank God…..

    Go fuck yourself, Doc…..

  3. Casey

    Oh, now THIS is some serious BULLSHIT!!!…

    Note: at this point I’m pretty sure you have to do some computer “OK” thingy to the comments before they post. So I’ve decided to stop, for now…. but I’ll be watching. Unless I’m at work or something, obviously… or on the shitter, or doing calisthenics… Or, let’s just say, hypothetically speaking, that is, that I were a superhero, and I was busy saving Lives n’ shit. Clearly I wouldn’t be watching at that time…. you following this?….

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